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Tour Operador - Agencia de Viajes

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Es una empresa legal constituida y opera en la ciudad de Huaraz - Ancash - Perú.

Actividad: Tour Operador

Licencia de funcionamiento por la municipalidad provincial de Huaraz - Licencia Numero: 2009-09774

Licencia de funcionamiento por el Gobierno Regional de Comercio Exterior y Turismo de Ancash Numero: 105-2010-DIRCETUR

RUC SUNAT (únicos contribuyentes Número de Registro): 20408115087

Autorizacion por el Parque Nacional Huascarán N° 42

Peruvian Mountains


Conosco personalmente Rodolfo per aver organizzato insieme due trekking in Perù e Bolivia. Lo raccomando assolutamente per l’immensa professionalità dimostrata, sia nell’organizzare ciò che gli abbiamo chiesto, sia per come ha saputo renderci i viaggi il più piacevoli possibili. È inoltre una guida certificata, in grado anche di portarvi in “alto” se lo desiderate. Sono disposto a darvi info in merito se lo desiderate. Ciao 
Marco Castelli - Italy 
The best climb our club 30 persons from GREECE made with the best Peruvian Mountains EIRL trekking and Climbing Peru! We greatly thank Rodolfo Reyes and the mountain guides for our excellent cooperation !! July 06 to 09 – 2018
Την επ?μενη μ?ρα ?λη η ομ?δα κορυφ?ς για μια φωτογραφ?α πριν αφ?σουμε το οροπ?διο που μας φιλοξ?νησε δ?ο βρ?δια. H λεζ?ντα των PERUVIAN MOUNTAINS κρ?τησε μια γλυκι? αν?μνηση απ? το ταξ?δι μας με τους ευγενικο?ς και καταρτισμ?νους οδηγο?ς μας, με την περιπο?ηση και την καλωσ?νη ?λων τους. Οι οδηγο? μας: ο Σαο?λ, ο ?λεξ και ο Πελ?γιο.Τους ευχαριστο?με γιατ? μας ?καναν να νοι?σουμε ασφαλε?ς μαζ? τους στον παγετ?να αλλ? και κατ? τη διαμον? μας στο βουν?! Ο Rodolfo Rayes ε?χε κ?νει σωστ?ς επιλογ?ς!! 04/7/2018 - 10/7/2018
Ποπη Δηλαβερ?κη
We have enjoyed a trek of 8 days in the Cordillera Huayhuash, with our kid of 6 years old. We really enjoyed the professionalism of Peruvian Mountains / Rodolfo Reyes. We strongly recommand this agency to anyone who wants to be treated as prince!!!
Patrick Ines
Peruvian Mountains is one of the best companies we have trekked with around the world.
We were a large Australian group of 14 people who trekked the 12 day Huayhuash circuit, and also did some acclimatization treks near Huaraz. Rodolfo organized all of these things for us superbly, and the trekking went like "clock work".

The guides, cooks and muleteers were a professional, efficient and friendly team making it look easy to perform the many tasks required to keep our big contingent safe and happy. Their knowledge of the geography, people and customs made the trekking all the more interesting.

The equipment and food was of high quality. There was the lovely touch of a small snack bag for each of us, made of local bright materials, and kept as a memento.

The bus trip was long, and rough in places, but the comfortable bus, excellent driving skills, and strategic stops made the trip interesting.

I would highly recommend Rodolfo's company "Peruvian Mountains" - and have done so since our return to Australia.
Michelle Gallant.
Working on the film touching the void a uk production by darlon smithson for chanel 4 television in tke uk 22 july to 12 august 2002 based in the sarapococha region of the huayhuash peru particulary on the morane and glacier below the west face of siula grande rodolfo has worked hard carrying loads and helping filmingon the morane and glaciers. rodolfo will be safe and guide.
Brian Halc head safety officier and U.I.A.G.M. MOUNTAIN GUIIDE
Having worked with Rodolfo Reyes for 3 weeks whilemaking the film touching the void rodolfo has been hard working, good humoured and conscientious throughu
Kevin Macdonald ( director "touching the void")
Rodolfo worked well during a film T.T.V. he has been working alone an glacier. his english last it will help. and he becoming a guide.
Raul Moon B.M.G. uk I.F.M.G.H.
Recuerdo del grupo de huayhuash de guias alemanes DAV SUMMIT CLUB muchas gracias por todas tus responsabilidades y atenciones y amabilidad
Despues de la escalada de alpamayo muchas gracias por tu ayuda rodolfo y tus campos peruanos 18 personas an subido hasta la cumbre muchas gracias y suerte.
Herman Touber 10-06-2003
Fur die d vom 25- 08 - 03 bestatige ich Rodolfo Reyes her vonagende und um sichtige fuhrugsarbat wahrend des trekkingsum die cordillera huayhuash und besteigung des diablo mudo und cerro amarrillo.
Robert Krans ful HT DAV SUMMIT CLUB

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Location Dirección: Malecón Sur Rio Quilkay 734 (Altura de Puente de Piedra ), Huaraz - Peru
PhoneTelefono: +51 43 423733
Email Email: climbingguide26@yahoo.es
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